With eight state-of-the-art courts, a renowned squash program that began in the 1940s and a firm commitment to developing young men and women of character, Millbrook School is the perfect location for the first-ever Nick Matthew Academy in the United States.

Athletic Programs at Millbrook

The athletic programs at Millbrook School teach character development, integrity, physical fitness, sportsmanship, competitive drive, and teamwork. They field highly competitive teams that strive to win. Coaches inspire in students a passion for individual and team improvement and the desire to push beyond their comfort zones to continually improve. This provides a strong foundation for success not just in athletics, but in life. 

Millbrook School promotes a set of values I find to be exemplary, and my goal is to reinforce them through the sport of squash,” said Matthew. “The goal of my Academy is to pass on my passion to a new generation of players and maybe even find some future World Champions.
— Nick Matthew

Lodging and Dining

  • Campers will stay in the residence halls at Millbrook. 
  • Dorm Supervisor in residence at all hours.
  • Campers will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two snacks.
  • Campers will dine in the Millbrook School dining hall. 
  • Food served is purchased from local sources, made from the purest, least processed ingredients for the purpose of instilling healthy eating habits.